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Our Return and Exchange Policy

You may request a change in size, model, number or color of the product you receive.

For this, you can fill out the Exchange Form that you received. If the form is damaged or missing, you should write your request in a legible manner using a small note paper and put it in the package you will send back.

In terms of the health of our valued customers, since the products in the category of Underwear, Home Wear, Fancy Wear and Beach are sensitive contact products, exchange and return cannot be made in terms of health and hygiene.

(exceptional conditions of the CONSUMER RIGHTS - WITHDRAWAL - CANCELLATION REGULATION CONDITIONS No. 6502 / article 15)

You can request an exchange or refund through Customer Service within 14 working days of the product you want to return due to any defect in the product.

Please use code only when sending your package to us.

When you use the negotiated codes for the relevant exchange or return shipments, BPM's Agreement will be automatically exited from the system. (You don't need to type the address again)

One-time shipping fee is not charged for exchanges. It is Free in our exchange transactions.

You can make 2 or more exchanges. For this, you have to pay the shipping cost.

Shipments made outside of our contracted courier companies are not accepted even if the Cargo Fee is Paid.

Order of Operation: Pack the product you want to change, write the product or products you want for change on the Bpm Campaign Paper that comes to you, put them in the package, Make sure to put the products in the cargo bag,

Banding Deformed Cargoes are not accepted.

Returned Cargo must be sent with Sürat Kargo.

Please forward the cargo you have prepared to BPM to Sürat Kargo personnel or Sürat Kargo branch.

You can fill out the Return and Exchange Form online.

Our Contracted Cargo Information for Exchange / Return Transactions;

Return and Exchange Cargoes are Accepted with SÜRAT KARGO.

Be sure to check our Company Agreement Code from the Bpm campaign paper that comes to you.

With this code, you can send a free post to Bpm.

For detailed information, you can also write to our WhatsApp Support Line.

Whatsapp Support Line: +908508401156 - +905462456694.

Shipments with different Cargo companies will not be accepted.

Cargoes that do not pay attention to the cargo packaging are not accepted by our company.

Be sure to pay attention to these issues in order to avoid refund fees.

Our company Bpm, which does not pay shipping fees for exchange and return transactions in its field, protects your comfort and rights.

Please, we would like you, our valued customer, to show the same care in shipping and packaging this trust that you have given to our company.


Payment at the Door by Cash or Credit Card at the Door: You can get a refund for payments made at the door. In Payments at Door, the Cargo company's Payment at Door Fee is deducted from the amount paid and deposited into your account.

Commission rates may vary depending on the Cargo and Payment amount.

These Fees are payments that do not exceed (10TL and 15TL).

It is obligatory to pack the product you want to return and write the reason, Bank Name, Account Holder's Name and IBAN Number Completely on the Return Form. If there is no return form or it is damaged, you can also indicate this in handwriting on a paper in the draft.

Please take care that your information is not incomplete.

Payment by Credit Card: The process for your credit card payments is very short and fast.

Package the Returned Product, write the reason for the return on the Form (or a draft sheet) inside the package and send it back using our agreement codes. 1 Shipping Fee is Charged for Products Received Free in Credit Card Return Payments.
There may be interruptions in certain orders in the transactions made by money order.
If these explanations are insufficient for you, you can connect to the customer representative.


You can also print this form.
Customer service,
Contact: +90 850 840 11 56

We wish you a pleasant shopping.


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