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You can reach our Customer Service team between 10:00-18:00 on weekdays and 10:00-14:00 on Saturdays.

Whatsapp Support : +90 850 840 11 56 - +90 546 245 66 94
E-mail                    :  [email protected]


How Can I Order?

After adding the product or products you want to buy from bpmonlinestore.com to your cart, you will be guided by bpmonlinestore.com during the ordering process. You can proceed to the next stage by clicking the "buy" button on the My Cart page, and after filling in your delivery and billing address information, you can choose the cargo you want from the cargo option and come to the "Payment Information" screen to complete your order.

Do you do gift wrapping?

BPM carefully packs each of your orders and delivers them to you. Your order is sent with Standard Bpm Special glossy gelatin Print Cargo Bag. There is no extra gift package application other than gift package.

Are You Writing a Gift Note?

When you reach the payment page while placing an order, I want a gift package in the confirmation section - you can select it and write your gift note in the box next to it.

Payment :

What are the Payment Options?

At bpmonlinestore.com, you can choose credit card, debit card, bkm express, paypal, Troy payment at the door or money order options.

Payment by Credit Card:

For purchases made by credit card, your payment transactions are made directly by our payment service provider and contracted banks over 128bit SSL secure encryption.
In addition, you can make your purchases with your credit card safely thanks to the 3D Secure application. No one other than you can shop with your credit card without your approval.

Eft / Wire Transfer:

For our customers who do not use a credit card, we have the option of EFT/Bank Transfer. If you select "Bank Transfer" on the payment information screen, you must enter your order number in the explanation section for money order/EFT transactions so that your order is not delayed. You can see your order number on the "Order tracking" page.


Our Bank Information for Eft / Money Transfer:







Swift Code                  : ISBKTRIS


IBAN                           : TR580006400000135201797109








Swift Code                  : AFKBTRISXXX


IBAN                          : TR160020600251035344930002












Swift Code                  : YAPITRISXXX


IBAN                          : TR65 0006 7010 0000 0069 9063 43
















Pay at the door:

You can place an order by using the "Pay at the Door" option. You can make the transaction by choosing the cash on delivery option of the cargo company you want from the cargo options. You can pay the product price to the cargo courier in "cash" when you receive your package. Only cash payment is accepted in the "Pay at the Door" option. When the "Pay at the Door" option is selected, the payment at the door service fee is reflected in addition to your order amount. The service fee is included in the shipping options page. Before your order departs, you will be informed by calling for shipment confirmation. If you do not give confirmation within 3 working days, your order will be cancelled.

Shipping And Delivery:

The product or products you buy on weekdays are mostly shipped the same day.

In case of any mishaps, such as stock problems etc., the products will be shipped on the first business day.

Products purchased until 12:00 am on Saturday will be shipped the same day.

In case of any mishap, such as stock problems etc., the products are shipped on the first business day.

Products bought after 12 noon on Saturday and purchased on Sunday will be shipped on Monday, the first business day.

We are trying to deliver the cargo to the cargo as fast as we can.

Cargo Shipment Number is entered into the system on the evening of the same day or on the first business day.

The System Sends An Automatic Message To Your Gsm Mobile Number You Have Provided.

With Yurtiçi Cargo, Aras Cargo, UPS Cargo, and Ptt Cargo, Cargo is made to every city in Turkey.
There is no shipping with a different cargo company other than Yurtiçi Cargo, Aras Cargo, UPS Cargo, and Ptt Cargo.

Please do not request.

I'm Abroad How Can I Order?

Click on the link below for detailed information and price list.

International Cargo

Problems and delays are experienced in cargo distribution to military zones and official institutions. Please evaluate this situation. (Lodging, Dormitory, etc.)

When Does the Cargo Arrive?

Delivery is usually made within 1-2 business days after the product is shipped. Depending on the distance, the delivery time may extend up to 2-5 days. For your information, the delivery time is extended in mobile regions. You can get detailed information about where your cargo is.

Important Note 1: Special Days such as New Year's Day, Holidays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day Also Have Difficulty in Distribution Due to Excessive Density. For this reason, in order to receive your orders on special days without any problems, please do not leave your orders to the last day and place your order 2-3 days in advance.

Important Note 2: The Cargo Firms Do Not Work On Sundays And Public Holidays. Therefore, Products Received On Public Holidays Are Shipped On The First Business Day At The End Of The Public Holiday.

What Happens If I'm Not Found at the Delivery Address?

If you are not at the address during delivery, the cargo officer will leave a visit note and will deliver your cargo to the nearest cargo branch to your address. You must receive it from the branch within 2 business days.

How Can I Track My Cargo?

After your Yurtiçi Cargo, Ups, Sürat Cargo and Ptt Cargo Shipment Number is entered into the system, your Cargo shipment number is automatically sent to you by SMS and email. You can track the cargo on the cargo website with the cargo shipment number that reaches your phone and e-mail. You can get information about the location of your cargo in relation to the distribution process. You can see the branch and phone number that will distribute it to you.

Following your Cargo with your Cargo Shipment Number, which is entered into the system after your order is shipped, will prevent possible problems and delays that may occur in delivery. In such cases, your cargo will be delivered to the nearest cargo branch. You can go and pick it up from the branch. Instead of wondering where this cargo has been for days, you can track the cargo with your cargo tracking number and follow the cargo movements up-to-date from the system.


1 (Returns are not accepted for payments at the door.)

2 (Transfer transactions are checked at 16:00. You can use the money transfer form for money transfer notification.

3 (Confirmation is Required for Payment at the Door for Security Reasons. You can call during the day for the confirmation process.

For Optional Customer Approval, you can give approval from our phone number 0850 840 11 56.

You have the right to 1 Free Exchange for all your purchases.

We wish you pleasant shopping.




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